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Blackfoot Crossing, the Historic Site of the signing of Treaty No.7, is of National and International historical and archaeological significance. It is a designated national Heritage Site and is recommended to be a World Heritage Site.

The success of the Treaty No.7 Commemoration in 1977 intensified the Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation's vision of building a unique world-class tourist attraction designed to engage visitors in authentic cultural experiences with the Blackfoot people.

The Siksika people are proud to present Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park to the world.

Name Origin

For centuries the people knew about SOYOPOWAHKO, the ridge or bridge under the water located in Blackfoot country.  Travel was essential in order to follow the migrating herds of deer and buffalo, as well as locating plants, berries and roots for medicines and foods. 

Travel played an essential role in the lives of the Blackfoot, and as a result, this ridge became a very well-known river-crossing for people.  This crossing also became a well-known meeting place for travelers along the Bow River.  Eventually the Piikuni, the Siksika, the Kainawa, all members of the Blackfoot Confederacy, as well as other people in the area, began referring to this area as Blackfoot Crossing. 

Though the physical nature of the crossing has changed, its social significance to the Blackfoot people has remained constant. 

Mission Statement

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park is a world renowned cultural, educational and entertainment centre built for the promotion and preservation of the Siksika Nation Peoples’, Language, Culture and Traditions.

Value Statement

We Value:

Knowledge – We acknowledge the importance and wisdom of the stories shared by our Elders and the experience and expertise of our Leadership, Board, Management and Staff

Commitment to Excellence – We embrace the highest level of professional standards and business practices to ensure the success of BCHP operations

Accountability – We are responsible and accountable to our community, leadership and clients

Respect – We treat everyone who enters the Interpretive Centre in a positive and professional manner

Integrity – We are faithful, honest and reliable


Alto AwardBlackfoot Crossing Historical Park is pleased to announce we are the 2007 winner of the:

Travel Alberta ALTO Award for Sustainable Tourism.

The award was received at a ceremony October 2007 in Banff.






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