Archeology Project

Digging up the Past

Come visit Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park and walk the grounds of the park where you will literally be stepping over dozens, if not hundreds, of archaeological sites.

Most are well known sites, like the Fortified Earth lodge Village, but some have yet to be discovered!

Come walk our trails which meander through this ancient valley and try to imagine where they might be…….you will truly get the sense this is a land before time!


Archaeologist Dr. Richard Forbis obtained permission from the Blackfoot Tribal Council to conduct a controlled excavation at the Earth lodge Village site in 1960.

He was supported by the Glenbow Foundation and Harold A. Huscher of the Smithsonian who directed the field operations. A number of Siksika assisted in the excavation.

The information gathered from this project provided many clues in the enduring mystery of the Earth lodge Village.

University of Calgary Project

A brief reconnaissance by three volunteer students guided by Leonard Bearshirt was conducted on weekends following the formal end of the 2007 field season.

That reconnaissance revealed the presence of a number of interesting circular vegetation patterns and, most importantly, an arrangement of five large pits a few hundred metres from EePf–1 that strongly resemble pit houses.

If these are, indeed, pit houses, they would be unique to the Canadian Plains and of extremely high scientific and cultural significance. Part of the 2009 field project should be devoted to detailed mapping and test excavation of the possible pit house features discovered off–site during the survey exercise to assess their function and significance.

New Dig Report
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Cluny Excavation Report 1

Cluny Excavation Report 2

The study of these pit features would be conducted by the Department of Archaeology, University of Calgary advanced field school class under the supervision of Dr. Dale Walde.

A detailed survey will be conducted to record all surface aspects of these features and a series of test units will be opened within the features in an effort to determine their function and age.

A report on the results of this work will be submitted by Dr. Walde and all artifacts will be catalogued and boxed for future storage at the BCHP Interpretive Centre.

The University of Calgary’s Department of Archaeology has resumed their dig for June to September 2014.

Global Summer Series - View dig in progress.




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