Chicken Dance Championship

First Annual World Chicken Dance Championships.

Held on June 21 & June 22, 2008

At Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park. Was a complete success. Here are the winners below:


1st Place -
Richard Guardipee, Browning MT
2nd Place -
Issac Wippert, Browning MT
3rd Place -
Sage L. Crazy Bull, Calgary
4th Place -
Kimo Morin, Whitefish SK

1st Place -
Colin Raine, Wetaskwin
2nd Place -
Kristopher Goss, Great Falls MT
3rd Place -
Tanner Good Eagle, SIksika
4th Place -
Dylan Morin, Prince Albert SK

1st Place -
Randy Alexander, Siksika
2nd Place -
Sheldon Scalplock, Siksika
3rd Place -
Buddy Currie, Ponoka

1st Place -
Barry Currie, Ponoka
2nd Place -
Nathaniel Iron Heart, Heartbutte MT
3rd Place -
Shawn Scabby Robe, Toppenish
4th Place -
Justin W. Goggles Jr., Browning MT
5th Place -
Chris Bull Bear, Siksika
6th Place -
Hutch Sitting Eagle, Siksika


2012 Chicken Dancers Information


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Official Rules and Regulations

Criteria for Judges

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