The Clans

We have three main clans:

The Kainai (Many Leaders, also called the Blood);

The Piikani ( including the Amsskaapipiikani in Montana and Apatohsipiikani in southern Alberta also called the Peigan );

The Siksika (Blackfoot, also called northern Blackfoot).

We share a common language and culture. The Siksika are a unique First Nation unto themselves, with a cultural identity that is distinct from either the Kainai or the Piikani clans.

Blackfoot Confederation

The Blackfoot Confederacy, up until about midway through the 1800s, controlled a vast area in the northeastern Plains. This area reached from the North Saskatchewan River in present-day Alberta, extending all the way to the upper Missouri River in Montana. The Blackfoot holdings were flanked on the western side by the Rocky Mountains.

The tribes of the Blackfoot Confederacy, Siksika, Piikani (Peigan) and Kainaiwa (Blood).




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