Creation Tipi

Issko’tsika- Early Days

The Siksika refer to themselves as Niitsitapi or “the Real People.” This is because they are equal partners in the universe with all the other Beings. Many stories and legends have been passed down through generations about Creation and the early days.

Long ago the Creator (Apisstotoki) made the earth and all the different things in it. He told the earth (Ksahkomitapi) that she would be the mother of all that he had created and all his creation would live off her. The Sun (Natosi) was created and he was told that he would be the one to give light and warmth to everything. The Creator told Natosi’s wife, the Moon (Kokimmikisoom) that, along with all their children (Kakatosiiks) in the sky, they would be the ones to give light at night.

After Creator had finished everything, he called all his creation to name them and give them counsel. He told then that they must never forget their heritage, and remember that they came from the Above People (Spomi'tapiiks).

He told the animals that some of them would live below the earth, they would be called Stahtsitapiiks. He called those that would live in the water Soyitapiiks.

However when the Creator came to the dog, he was stumped as to what to do with him so he was left to himself and he freely romped all over the place. Somehow he later ended up in the moon. Still today we often see his brothers the wolf, the coyote and the other dogs crying or howling for him to come home.

This was how we all came to be in existence.




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