Native plants played a big part of our survival and traditions. We gathered and collected a wide variety of plants all season long for eating, ceremonies and medicine.

Pa’kip- choke cherry Ookonooki- saskatoon berry

- crushed, dried and made into little cakes or mixed with dried meat and fat to make pemmican.

Also used for medicine, and the branches for tools, backrests.

- berry soup is served at ceremonies and for special occasions.

Saskatoons are enjoyed fresh or dried and were mixed with meat and fat to make pemmican.

Ma’as- wild turnip Sipaattsimaan- sweetgrass

- eaten raw, but was traditionally cooked in boiling pits lined with grass and rocks.

It is very important in oral tradition and for the Societies and ceremonies.

- used for cleansing and for ceremonies, with prayers and offerings.

It can also be used for medicine and as a freshener.

Sweetgrass is often used in native crafts.

Ka'ksimi- sage Kinnikinik- bearberry

- used for ceremonial cleansing. Sage is used in medicinal brews.

Some brews can only be made and given by those who have the authority to make them.

- the leaves are dried, mixed with twist tobacco and smoked in pipes at sacred ceremonies.

The berries and leaves may have been used for medicinal purposes.




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