School Programs 2021-2022 Season.

We offer programs for K-12 and can tailor them to meet your needs. If you are studying a particular topic relating to First Nations history, culture, language, we can design a program to meet your specific request.

Custom School Programs

School programs will be suited to the needs of your group. Here at Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park we feel that every class has different needs and as such teachers are encouraged to call our Education Instructor to discuss their school program. This way each program is tailored to each class's needs.


Come visit us at Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park and let Blackfoot educators teach your class about the Siksika Way of Life. Through stories, discussions and activities classes win learn anything from science to botany to history. Ask your program leader about the plants of the valley and how the Siksika people used them in the past and present. Find out about the Blackfoot tipi and maybe take home your own tipi design. Listen to a local Elder tell stories of the past and learn a few lessons at the same time. Learn more about the historical Treaty 7 from the Siksika people in the valley where it was signed. There are literally hundreds of things to learn about the Siksika Way of Life.
BCHP is pleased to announce the return of the Cultural Programming Sessions and the Blackfoot Language classes for Siksika Nation members. Sessions will start this fall. Please check back to this web site for exact dates and times later this summer. Sessions ranging from “How to Make Your Own Hand Drum” to “Traditional Plants & Their Uses” will be offered! The sessions are designed to be drop-in classes where Siksika nation members can drop in and learn from community resources about these various cultural topics.

K-12 Programs

We offer programs for K-12 and can tailor them to meet your needs. If you are studying a particular topic relating to First Nations history, culture, language, we can design a program to meet your specific request.
Indoor Programs


Blackfoot Tipi: Social Studies. We will tell you about the interesting story about the tipi and the purpose of the designs. Activity: Draw and color your own tipi designs on a paper pattern and put together your own little tipi for a keepsake. (Can only accommodate 20 students).
Indoor Programs

Grades 4—6

The life style of the Blackfoot People—Past and Present: Social Studies. The “Plains Indians” were nomadic people, moving camp to follow the buffalo. The students learn how our ancestors hunted and traveled. Our main source was the buffalo for food, clothing, shelter and other usage. For travel, they depended on the dog and the horse, and today we have vehicles, houses, store bought food and clothing. We have great stories to tell.
Indoor Programs

Grade 7—12

Signing of Treaty #7: Social Studies Life before and after the Treaty. A very interesting topic for these students: the big change from buffalo days to farming, and living in tipis to log cabins to houses. Residential schools were formed by the government and parents had to follow orders, sometimes being forced to allow their children to be placed in the boarding schools. This policy or law came from the federal government to accommodate the Aboriginal and Inuit children. Missionaries and other religious orders, mainly Catholic and Anglican, were placed to look after these children in the schools.

Program Includes

Currently, the programs we offer include:
Educational Programs

Arts and Crafts

Do an arts and crafts activity and take it home with you as a keepsake. (Can only accommodate 20 students).
Educational Programs

Scavenger Hunt—Indoor in Museum

Break into groups and each group is given a questionnaire and they go find the answers in the museum, this will be informative for the students and they will learn as they are looking for the answers.
Educational Programs

Nature Walk

Experience a guided tour of the outdoor. The tour takes the group to an elevated lookout point overlooking the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park and the guide will explain the geographic landscapes, various iconic landmarks including Chief Crowfoot’s last tipi site and burial site, the Treaty No. 7 camp site. Some light to moderate hiking / walking is required. (Weather permitting.)

Additional Program Add ons

Additional cost per resource. Please contact us for more details and pricing. You can request for one of these:
Additional Programs


Dancer dressed in full regalia will perform for you and you can interact with and take photos with this person, and I will explain the type of dance. (Performer will dance to a CD.)
Addtional Programs

Drummer & Songs

A traditional drummer will come with his hand drum and sing for you and explain about the songs and drum.
Additional Programs

Story teller

Legends of our ancestors; their stories are very interesting. The war stories they experienced with other tribes and this relates to how some of our people got their Indian names and stories of how young men become brave warriors.


Siksika Way of Life School Programs 2021-2022 Season.

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The first step is to fill out our online form. Once this form is submitted, our Education Instructor will contact you to discuss your visit and programming. We are excited about our Siksika Way of Life Education Programs and we look forward to sharing the Siksika Way of Life with you and your class! Our Education Programmer has extensive cultural background coupled with experience in educational programming to Blackfoot Crossing.