Chief Crowfoot Tipi Village

Experience of a life time

For centuries, Western European nations have been fascinated by the mystique of North American Indian culture, with its dances, ceremonials and tipis.  Come visit Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park where you can experience it all…

Take a short stroll to Tipi Village, and come meet our local interpreter who will discuss the flora and fauna of the area as well as demonstrate craft and survival skills.

There may be (weather depending) meat smoking demos, hide tanning demos, or other demos of which you can watch or participate. Learn more about our shelters hands on.

Most Europeans were aware that many nations in the northern climates of Europe and Asia, and North America, had developed some form of conical shelter. 

They varied somewhat, whether they be covered with hides, leaves, branches or thatch, however it is the Plains Indian tipi style that became the model that people associate with the word “tipi”.

Modern day inside of Tipi with Buffalo Robes, cot and Air tight stoveUltimately, since the arrival of horses as well as the availability of new materials such as canvas, the Plains Indian tipi has changed and adapted. 

It is larger, it is equipped with wind flaps to draw the smoke away from the interior and it includes a liner which makes for extra warmth in the winter and cooler breezes in the hot summer.

Since then, many generations of youthful adventurers have played their own version of “cowboys and Indians”, all dreaming some day of sleeping in a tipi, lying back, watching the clouds and the stars through the tipi poles at the top!

Though these youngsters have grown into adults, they still dream of starting their own wood fire, cooking their own meals over open flames inside of a tipi.

Now children of all ages have a place where they can come and experience the life of a Plains Indian….even if it’s only for a night or two or three!

Here at the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park we are developing an authentic tipi village where you can really take a “step back in time”. 

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NOTICE: Tipi Village now open from May 1- to September 30, 2017, Monday through Friday. Weekend bookings can be made for 15 or more people.

Join us for a night of camping in one of our Tipis with rates starting at $35.00 per person, per night. The camping fee will allow guests to have access to all of Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park’s amenities, including our tours, gallery, library, dance performances, as well as all the other surprises we have planned for visitors this summer! 

Come join our living tradition and make some unforgettable memories!

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