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Siksika (Blackfoot) Language

Siksikai’powahsini (Blackfoot Language) is the language of the Siksikaitsitapi.

The revitalization of the Siksika Language is an integral part of Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park who offers Siksika Language programs.

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Online Blackfoot Language Lessons

Blackfoot Language Lesson Joanne Red Old Man – Pretty Owl Woman with Shade Yellow Old Woman

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Speak Blackfoot Language App


The Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation Located in Southern Alberta, Canada is elated to announce a “Blackfoot App” to facilitate the learning of Siksika (Blackfoot) phrases organized under 29 theme categories complete with audio, images, quizzes, and games. Also included in the app is cultural section of historical images; a short sign language video; and a variety of songs including owl dance songs, hand games songs, and word songs to supplement the phrase categories. This work is a collaboration between the local tribal college, Old Sun Community College, and the Siksika Board of Education

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