Grand Re-Opening
Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park Ltd.
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Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park Now Open to the Public

Oki Siksika, Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park is proud to announce that we are 100% open to the public. Along with some exciting events that will be taking place, we are extremely enthusiastic to share the rich history of Siksika Nation. 

A COMING home ceremony scheduled for May 25th will be held, as Chief Crowfoots regalia will be returning back to Blackfoot territory. Siksika Nation will be lending Crowfoots belongings to Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park and will proudly be on display for all to see. These items include a Buckskin shirt, a pair of leggings, a knife with feather bundle, two beaded bags and a horsewhip. 

In 1878 Chief Crowfoots regalia was lent to a museum in Exeter England and in 1904 it was purchased by the museum. Having these items for so long and so far from home, Elders from Siksika Nation made a trip to Exeter England in 2013. A formal request was made by Siksika Elders to have these sacred items repatriated back to its rightful home. 

BCHP would also like to introduce and welcome our new kitchen head cook Joey Big Tobacco, along with his line cooks Star Calf Robe and Patricia Goodrunning. There’s a new thrilling menu with daily lunch specials and extended hours. 9am to 430pm Monday to Friday. 

Come on down and partake in the cultural aspect of BCHP and experience the authentic Tipi Park that is set to open June 8th. 

So, stay tuned for more upcoming events in the months to come. 

See you all very soon.

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park Staff