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Historic Repatriation! 🌟


After over 100 years in England, the Buffalo Woman’s Headdress is returning to the Siksika Nation of Alberta. This sacred item, made of buffalo horns, sacred bird feathers, porcupine quills, red cloth, and brass bells, will be handed back in a ceremony on June 5 in Exeter, England. 🪶✨

Originally given to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum by Edgar Dewdney, a Lieutenant Governor of the Northwest Territories. The headdress is a vital cultural piece for the Blackfoot Holy Buffalo Woman Society. This repatriation follows the return of Chief Crowfoot’s regalia last year.

Joset Melting Tallow of the Siksika Nation said, “Its return symbolizes the preservation of our cultural heritage and recognition of our history and traditions.”

A significant moment for Siksika Nation and a step forward in honoring Indigenous heritage! 💖👏

It is an honor to have the  President of Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, Strater Crowfoot and Vice-President Marsha Wolf-Collar in attendance of this historic event!

Cafeteira Update

📢Oki Matapiiks📢

Important notice: Our cafeteria will be undergoing a brief rejuvenation on Monday, March 18th, and Tuesday, March 19th. But fret not! We’ve prepared an array of alternatives to keep you fueled and satisfied during this period. Indulge in our revitalizing soup and sandwiches. Additionally, we have convenient grab-and-go lunches, ensuring that your cravings are swiftly met with utmost convenience. Alongside our soup and sandwiches, we’re introducing fresh salads and tantalizing charcuterie boxes to elevate your dining experience. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this renovation phase. Stay tuned for further updates as we strive to enhance your culinary journey. 🥪🥣🥗 #CafeteriaUpdate #SoupAndSandwiches

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